Shared Hosting

A reliable shared hosting for your business online.

Shared Hosting Plans

Host your website over the internet with faster deliverability, and better traffic with the services of Vooz.

Plan Features  AED 4/mo AED 7/mo AED 14/mo
Website 1 3 10
SSD Storage 5 GB 12 GB 50 GB
Email Account 5 15 Unlimited
Database 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB
SSL Free SSL (43.99AED value) Free SSL (43.99AED value) Free SSL (43.99AED value)
Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
FTP Account FTP Account FTP Account FTP Account
Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic
Apps Installation One-click Installation One-click Installation One-click Installation
Plan Features  USD 1.09/mo USD 1.91/mo USD 3.81/mo
Website 1 3 10
SSD Storage 5 GB 12 GB 50 GB
Email Account 5 15 Unlimited
Database 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB
SSL Free SSL (11.98USD value) Free SSL (11.98USD value) Free SSL (11.98USD value)
Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
FTP Account FTP Account FTP Account FTP Account
Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic
Apps Installation One-click Installation One-click Installation One-click Installation

Shared Hosting Benifits

A shared hosting which is cost effective, easily accessible, and many more to offer to your website over the internet.

Free Cpanel

Vooz simplifies the server and management of the website for its users. Using the Cpanel of Vooz, you can organise your files ,create MySQL databases, and manage domain names, FTP accounts.

Easy Upgrades

Vooz offers the easy and most effective upgrades for your business / company to grow over the internet, and make more conversions from the traffic gained through the services.

Improved Security​

With Vooz, you need not to worry about cyber attacks over your website or application. The shared web hosting of our agency will take care of all the troubleshooters at your website.

Free Website Migrations

Vooz also helps to migrate your website to our server with no charges for that. The vooz assures easy and flawless working of your website over the internet.

Programming & Databases

Maintain the database of your site with the programming & database services of the Vooz, which will help you grow in the digital, also the individual market of promoting services.

Lightning Fast Website

Work flawlessly with the services of Vooz, and get the best experience of the digital marketing for your website.

High Quality Website Hosting

Shared hosting is a single server provided to multiple websites or web pages on the internet. This is the most affordable plan of the web hosting services. Anone with a blogging site or a small website that has just started can take this as the initial web hosting service provider.
In the past the shared web hosting was quite a problematic one, as whenever one of the sites of the server gets flowed with the traffic, the other sites get troubleshoots with their working. But nowadays, shared web hosting comes with generous feasibility.

Using the Cpanel of Vooz
Best Shared Hosting Services

We, the Vooz, ought to provide the best shared hosting services for our clients, and to make connections globally.

Secure Email Hosting

Vooz provides the end-to-end encryption of the data of your files to you. Meaning that the vooz itself has no access to the non required data of clients.

User-Friendly Panel

We believe in the feasibility of our customers, and that is why we provide the most user-friendly server for their website over the internet.

Free SSL Certificates

We also provide the bit code to protect your server and communicate with better exposure online with our free SSL certificates.

Shared Hosting All Features

Vooz provides all the accessible features of Shared Hosting to make your business more scalable over the internet, and to help in reaching your target.

Personalized Email Service

Personalised email services that allows customers to have unique and professional email addresses using their own domain name. This adds an extra level of credibility to business communications.

Automatic Malware Scan​

Vooz also provides the tool that ensures the website's security and protects its online reputation. Keep your website safe and secure with automatic malware scanning."

Cloudflare CDN

Increase your online presence with an efficient and reliable tool for marketers that enhances website speed, improves security and provides global accessibility.


Scalability options of Vooz for growing businesses, allows marketers to upgrade their resources as needed without the need for a complete website migration.

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FAQ - Shared Hosting

Now let’s get a glance over some of the most asked questions by our viewers, who love to know more and more about the field.

What are the 3 types of hosting?

The 3 types of hosting are-

  • Dedicated hosting that is a particular server for your website only.
  • Cloud hosting, which involves a virtual server composed of other singular servers.
  • And shared hosting, which serves more than one site at a time.
  • What is the purpose of web hosting?

    The purpose of the web hosting is to provide a secure place to store the data of your website, and to make your website run over the internet.

    Which type of hosting is the best?

    Well, ideally the best hosting type is Dedicated hosting, which works particularly for your website only. But it is costly, and is only favoured by the large organisations.

    Is hosting necessary for a website?

    Websites do need the web hosting over the internet as whenever someone searches your domain name over the internet, it gets translated into the IP address of your web hosting, and makes the connections between the user and your website.

    Can I host a website without a domain name?

    Yes, you can host a website on your own. You do not need a domain name to create a website. But to grow, we don’t recommend that to you.

    What type of RAM are mainly used in hosting?

    DDR2 memory speed is the type of RAM used in the hosting of a website.