PowerMTA Server

Send large volumes of emails, unlimited email sending, and email marketing service in a blink of an eye with the PowerMTA management services of Vooz.

PowerMTA Management Plans

Best SMTP server software to send unlimited emails directly to the inbox. Get fast delivery, greater performance, and improve deliverability with PowerMTA bulk mail server.

AED 2200/mo
AED 2800/mo
AED 3400/mo
Mail Application
PowerMTA Server
IP Rotation
Domain Rotation
Email Per Month
Emails Per Day
10/10 Mail Tester Result
24/7 Support

Benefits of PMTA service

PowerMTA is the best SMTP server to send bulk emails directly to the inbox of your customers with a 100% delivery rate and 24/7 online support for your queries.

Smart Infrastructure

A smart infrastructure to support your site in making your work more feasible & soothing, & creating more & more leads through bulk mailing of your campaigns.

Real-time, Analytics

The insight of whole real-time analytics of your email marketing campaign to the customer and ways to make it more genuine is provided to you by us.

High Route Server

We provide you with a high-priority PowerMTA SMTP server to send your millions of emails more easily and make them more efficient to the customers.

Huge Email Delivery

Sending a large number of emails to the largest number of recipients becomes easier with our PowerMTA server services.

Email Expertise

Our competence and years of experience in the field give us the ability to sort out your last-minute challenges and troubles.

Global Support

With our live support system of ours, you can call anytime, from anywhere, for any query you have, we would love to solve it.

Switch To the Best PowerMTA services of Vooz

PowerMTA management services are the needs of any company that sought to become the best among the best. So let’s start our successful journey to become what we want and achieve the height of success in the bulk Email Services in Dubai.

PowerMTA is the best SMTP server to send bulk emails directly to the inbox

Best PMTA Services

The present-day industry is leading through the email marketing of its services and products, and what we need to succeed is a trustworthy service provider to grow our business online, and here you got Vooz.

Email Routing

Route your emails through our email routing services, and make your emails spam filtered to the inbox of the customers.

Multiple IP support

We provide you with multiple IP support to avoid any kind of brokerage in your email marketing campaigns and avail you with smooth deliverability.

Delivery rate limiting

Rate limiting services to limit the network traffic over your website to ensure the security, efficiency, and quality of your website.

PowerMTA Services for Businesses

Fortunately, a lot of customers all over Dubai believe in the services provided by us in the field of PowerMTA management, and we ought to be the same for everyone out there.

Upload or Import Content

With the world's best SMTP email server software, you will be able to upload and import data more easily and intellectually from the web.

Link Click Tracking

Track the response of your customers who show interaction with your campaigns and put a note on that.

Schedule Campaigns

Send scheduled email marketing campaigns to your customers and get the best out of every pitch you do to them.

Bounce Report

With Vooz, you also get insight reports of the bounce emails which were returned by a recipient mail server.

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FAQ - PowerMTA Management

Now let’s get a glance over some of the most asked questions by our viewers, who love to know more and more about the field.

Can the PowerMTA server send emails over the water?

Yes, the PowerMTA email server is powerful enough to send millions of emails on the internet in a short period over millions of kilometres.

What are the advantages of using Vooz as a PowerMTA server for our organisation?

The key features we focus on for your growth in bulk email sending are-

  • Easy and fast deliverability.
  • Skilled team to support.
  • Highly advanced technology to ease your job.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Insights into customers’ responses.
  • What is PowerMTA?

    A type of MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) to send bulk and business-critical emails to customers, and engage them in deals.

    Will Vooz provide us with easy bulk email deliverability?

    Yes, we ought to provide you with the best bulk email-sending services for your business growth and to help you out with your problems in email marketing.

    Does Vooz allow real-time analytics of our email campaigns?

    Yes, the Vooz will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the email marketing campaigns you run over the web and the response of the customers over it.

    Are MTA and SMTP the same?

    An MTA is a part of the SMTP server, whose job is to receive the mails and to forward them to a MDA or another SMTP server.