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Now Market Your Brand on Every Newspaper of Dubai With Vooz!

Marketing in 2023 is the staple for any business looking to make its name standout in the market. But advertisers continually grapple with the challenge of effectively connecting with and captivating their audience. Amidst various available platforms, newspapers, both in print and digital formats, have their prominence even today with loads of social media sites. With over 59% penetration of Newspapers among Dubai residents alone, these ads offer a unique advantage unmatched by radio, TV, or the Internet. For an extended period, classified ads in newspapers have proven to be a reliable and strong means of targeting specific audiences, promoting services, products, real estate, job opportunities, and more. To help you get your ads in the prominent newspapers like Gulf News, Khaleej Times, and The Gulf Today – Vooz tech extends comprehensive Newspaper Advertising services for classified ads, empowering businesses like your to optimize the local market presence and visibility…smartly!

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Cater Every Need, Budget and Prerequisite

Newspaper Advertising have proven to be a reliable and efficient method for reaching a particular target audience. Here are some of the ad requests that can be fulfilled at Vooz:

Public Notice

These ads often carry extensive information that doesn't neatly fit into a single line, serving as a specific form of public announcement. Changes in laws, local ordinances, general rules, or any government-related information are disseminated to the public through these notices.


Business classified ads encompass offers, proposals, sales promotions, and appeals for business partners. Notably, many small and medium-sized enterprises prefer utilizing classified ads over other platforms for their promotional needs.


This category includes ads related to buying, selling, or renting, homes, represented by property owners, brokers, or landlords.


Individuals use this category to share something personally significant. From birthday wishes and seasonal greetings to personal achievements, classified advertisements become a means to distribute personal messages.


A cost-effective way for advertisers to reach their target audience, especially favored by coaching institutes. These ads in the education category provide an affordable avenue to connect with the desired audience.


Typically placed by individual advertisers, these ads serve personal or official purposes. They cover a range of private announcements such as "address or name change," "notice of marriage," "legal notifications."


Common in both classified and display formats, recruitment ads serve as a prime space for small and medium-sized businesses to attract potential job applicants. Job seekers can also showcase their qualifications and skills, hoping to secure employment opportunities.


A prevalent type of classified advertisement where close family members place either a classified display or text ad featuring the groom or bride. These ads aim to find a suitable prospective partner.

Benefits of Newspaper Advertising with Vooz Tech

Precise targeting

Vooz's newspaper advertising hones in on specific demographics, reaching audiences that may be challenging to engage through other channels. This effective strategy allows advertisers to connect with smaller, niche groups, particularly those in specific geographical locations. From straightforward inserts to regular sections in local newspapers and special publications, our targeted advertising covers a spectrum of options.


Our newspaper ads offer unparalleled flexibility compared to other advertising mediums. We assist in selecting the precise size, location (including section and page), and design of your ad. You also have control over when the ad appears and its frequency, ensuring consistent exposure. Working directly with newspaper staff, Vooz provides you with more control over the final product.

Seamless integration

Our newspaper advertising seamlessly integrates print-to-web features like QR codes, linking readers to relevant web-based information, special offers, and more. The short lead times of newspapers enable quick changes to any ad while meeting necessary deadlines.


Typically costing less per thousand readers compared to television, radio, and direct mail advertising, our newspaper advertising is budget-friendly. Collaborating directly with advertisers, newspaper staff members create ads at no additional cost.

Fits any budget

Our plans are tailor-made to accommodate any budget. The decline in newspaper ad revenue means less competition for ad space (and customers) in each circulation, a significant advantage. Additional discounts are available for increased ad coverage and frequency.

Publishing Advertisements Online Has Never Been Easier in Dubai

Vooz Tech stands as a leading newspaper advertising agency in Dubai, offering a user-friendly online portal for booking and publishing classifieds in prominent Mumbai newspapers.

Step 1

Choose your preferred newspaper and indicate the city or particular location for publication.

Step 3

Compose your ad online and upload any necessary documents. Our writers and designers at Vooz Tech are here to help at every stage of the process. With years of experience, they can give the best design and content that aligns with your ad vision.

Step 2

Opt for single or multiple ad options. You have the option to publish your ad on Pages 1,3, and 5 till the last page. Also, you have the ad printing option of full, half, or quarter-page.

Step 4

Schedule your advertisement in the newspaper by selecting dates and complete the payment using various options such as credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, net banking, etc.

Why Should You Choose Vooz Tech for Newspaper Advertising?

Vooz Tech has been helping many companies run advertisements in different Dubai newspapers for years now. Allow us to help you choose the best newspaper for placing news in Dubai. Here is what you gain when you collaborate with us:


Vooz Tech is a company with deep knowledge of what works in terms of advertisements in Dubai. We have a pool of professionals who will help to come up with an advertisement plan, which effectively strikes a chord with your intended demographic.

Complete Solutions

We offer a holistic solution to your needs towards the advertising of your newspaper. We take care of everything, including creation of attractive ad creatives and negotiations over the affordable rates with leading Dubai’s newspapers.

Affordable Advertising

Newspaper advertising can actually prove to be inexpensive if done right. Vooz Tech will ensure that you get a bang from your buck in terms of your investment on adverts.

Measurable Outcomes

We provide you with proper metrics and analytics for gauging the success of your publications. The data driven nature of this allows you to refine your advertising approach, such that the subsequent result will be more effective.

Creative Excellence

The talented designers and copywriters in our company have an expert skill of making striking and memorable advertisements for readers.

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FAQs – Newspaper Advertising Dubai

How much does it cost to put an ad in the newspaper?

Typically, the cost is determined by the amount of space (measured in inches) your ad occupies in the physical publication. For more details, feel free to reach out to our team at Vooz.

Are newspaper ads expensive in Dubai?

The cost of print newspaper ads in Dubai varies based on factors such as the location and circulation size of the publication, as well as the color, frequency, and day of the week your ad is scheduled for publication.

What are the different types of newspaper ads?

There are three main types of newspaper advertisements – Classified Text Ads, Classified Display Ads, and Display Ads.

Why opt for an Advertising Agency to promote in Dubai Newspapers?

Vooz Advertisers stands as a premier advertising agency in Dubai. With extensive experience in the advertising industry, we’ve compiled vital information about advertising in Dubai Newspapers. This knowledge empowers you to advertise effectively by reviewing tariff details, circulation information, offers, and everything else related to advertising in Dubai newspapers.