7 Best Practices To Outstand Your Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote one’s products and services to a large number of audiences out there. Email subject lines are also one of the factors that play a vital role in the success of any marketing campaign.

Whereas, successful email marketing includes tons of different practices to make it outreach the audiences. Factors like SEO, timelines, automated email campaigns, content creation, and quality of content plays a vital role, and requires a high level of expertise.

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In this article, we will know about the 7 best practices that you can include in your marketing campaigns to make it more better and impactful over your potential customers out there. So let’s start our journey of best email marketing practices.

1. Importance of Short and Sweet Subject Lines 

Human psychology states that when it comes to transactions, the human mind seeks something important and short in terms of marketing.

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Using short and simple language in your subject lines conveys that the product is approachable to all segments of society, and it makes it easy to access your products too. The more complicated language you use, the harder it will get to make conversions.

So try to write the subject lines as short as possible. This will increase your customers’ engagement, and will also lead to higher lead generation.

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2. Be Specific With Your Marketing 

Subject lines are all about describing the whole content in a single line. Once you succeed in that, there will be no stop to your business at all. 

Try to carve out the subject line from the original content, and then make it as short as possible, while conveying all the information to the audience. In this way, you can make your customer feel better and aligned with your original content what-so-ever.

Avoid using vague or misleading language, which can create a bad impression of your business in the market. You might lose your brand value too.

3. Importance of Personalisation

In such a greedy world like ours, use of personalisation can be a beneficiary factor to any business that seeks loyalty with their customers. Personalisation is something that makes lifelong relations between the customers and the marketers out there.

Using someone’s name in the marketing campaigns and then targeting them specifically can create a huge impact on their hearts. It will ultimately increase the chances of a successful exchange.

4. Call-To-Action Oriented Language 

If your subject line consists of language that pushes the customer to make a purchase, then congratulations my fellow marketer, as you are successful in one of the most important sectors of email marketing.

Call-To-Action oriented language is something that can change the whole perspective of your business. can make it more effective in the market.

So try to encourage your recipients to take action by using action-oriented language in your subject line, such as “Don’t Miss Out” or “Limited Time Offer”.

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5. Avoid Spam Trigger Words 

A huge number of marketers also confront this uprising issue with their email marketing campaign, as their emails are prone to get in the spam folders of customers.

The only reason that leads an email into the spam folder is inappropriate use of words such as “free”, “cash”, “win”, or “urgent”.

Avoiding this is also one of the major tasks that every marketer needs to inculcate in their marketing strategies. So avoid using such words in your subject lines, and you will boom the internet for sure.

6. Test and Refine 

Testing and refining your email subject lines from time to time, and as per the products and people you are dealing with is a successful marketing.

Exploring the ideas of new and different subject lines by hit and trial method is a must to every businessman . The more you experiment with it, the better you will get with time, and by sheer will.

Test different subject lines and analyse your open rates to see which ones are the most effective. Refine your subject lines over time to improve your results.

7. Use Urgency 

Have you ever got banged with something like “Limited Time Offer” or “Today Only” messages on emails?

Have you realised the impact that those messages created over our personality at that time are immense. We feel a need for sudden action, if the message presents something of our likings, and we end up making an exchange.

This is just a tactic that can be used by email marketers to make sudden purchases at certain time periods. Use this to elevate your business in the market, and get access to high revenue generations.

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Email marketing is complex, and is a more competitive sector day-by-day. Hence, to elevate in such a complex part of the internet, you must be ready to take the required steps, and to forge on that with all your might.

Here, by following these small practices, you can take your marketing strategies a step further, and can make a successful business in 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best length for an email subject line?

The maximum word limit is 50 words to be used in a subject line.

Should I personalise my email subject lines?

Yes, personalising your subject lines with the recipient’s name or other relevant information can increase open rates.

What are some spam trigger words to avoid in my email subject line?

Words like “free”, “cash”, “win”, or “urgent” must not be used in the subject lines of email marketing as they make the campaign more prone to spam folders.

Should I test different subject lines to see which ones are most effective?

Yes, testing different subject lines and analysing your open rates can help you refine your subject lines over time to improve your results.

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